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Ha​ve fun...

Lots of ​it!

All of our activities are to encourage, empower and enlighten! We do not spread gloom and doom!

Remember, we are here to give you Miles of Smiles!!!

Phone:  972-494-3232      Email:

Interested in other types of entertainment not listed here? 

Contact us for access to our diverse and vast network of Texas Entertainment!!!

Originators and Home of:

  • Knock Knock The Clown
  • Uniquely Yours (TM) (Personality Analysis)
  • Magic Mirror Portraits (TM)
  • Mystic Rejuvenation Oils (TM)
  • Triple E Events (SM)
  • Mystic Romance Aromatics (TM)
  • Life Tapestry Cards (TM)
  • Sacred Spiral Stones(TM)
  • Pawmistry(TM) (Dog Paw Print Readings)
  • Celestial Signs(TM) Astrology Readings

Our Miles of Smiles Team is available for:

  • Corporate Events and Conferences
  • Small or Large groups
  • Dinner Parties
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Holiday/Office Parties
  • One on One Readings/
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Private Sessions
  • Team Building And yes, we can do all this virtual online, anywhere!
  • Gypsy Fortune Tellers
  • Palm Readers/Tea Leaves Readers
  • Kiss - Lip Print Readings (Your Lips Tell All!)
  • Handwriting Profilers/Analysis
  • (Kiss + Cards/Handwriting + Cards
  • Readings with Caricatures
  • Mystic Rejuvenation Oils - Custom Scents
  • Strolling Crowd Readings
  • Clowns
  • Comedians
  • We Can Customize to Match Most Themes/Decors!

Table Decor and Costumes

To continue with providing you with the best we have to offer, you can choose from a selection of themes for costumes.

  • Gypsy (Traditional, mystical or boho)
  • Great Gatsby/Flapper Era
  • Carnival
  • Steampunk Flair
  • Medieval Garb
  • Professional Dress(For More Traditional Events)

                Ask For Customization!

The Miles of Smiles Team is made up of career professionals and trained entertainers. 

They are also gifted, intuitive readers.

(All Team Members have been vetted by other professionals and have passed the State of Texas background checks.)

The Rose Family Mystics and Readers

Deborah Rose

Handwriting and Mystic Extraordinaire


Deborah is a private investigator, life coach, Reiki Master, NLP Master,  handwriting therapist and world trainer, and author.  Deborah first received public recognition for her talents as a gifted intuitive at the age of 13 when she was featured in the local Dallas paper when she was entertaining at a children’s Halloween carnival. Practical life experience has enhanced her natural abilities. And watch out for her own brand of humor.....

See Deborah Rose's YouTube Playlist!

Amazon Author's Page 

Deborah's Spotify Podcast

Deborah Colleen Rose

Scott Rose

Rune and Mystic Extraordinaire


Scott lives in the IT world by day, the Mystic World by night. He is also married to Deborah, which adds to his list of mystical abilities!

He has many facets to his world, which includes Welch rapier, pirate, gypsy, ordained minister, leather craftsman and man of many talents, much like James Bond.

Seeing is believing when you see Scott in action.

Scott brings the world of druids alive with his specialized Rune readings.

Fortune Teller

Luann Morris - Mystic Herbalist

Luann is an LVN, Herbalist, International Author, Ordained Minister; podcaster, and Reiki Master, in her role as psychic medium. Luann, along with Deborah Rose, has designed Intuitive Cards, to help people access their own intuition and spiritual gifts. Luann is also an extraordinary healer, using herbs and essential oils, combined with her medical training. You can view her herbal products at: Herbal Lu's Apothecary

Eric Binowski - Man of Many Faces

Eric, a premier fortune telling entertainers, exuding charm, and allure to entertain , makes you feel that the time you spent with him was special, meaningful and was just for you. Schooled in Slavic magik and tradition from his family as a child to study social psychology as a adult, Eric has learned the workings of over dozens of forms of fortune telling. Eric can add something amazing every time.

Keegan Rose - Energy Interpreter

K​eegan, is the second generation of this gifted, spiritually aware family. He is an electrician by trade and a master strategist. For someone who is still considered young, he has the life experiences of someone twice his age.

Keegan has a brilliant mind and has been practicing his intuitive and spiritual gifts since a toddler.   He began public speaking at the age of 15 and is a born entertainer.

Avenue to Elegance - Music for the Soul!

Violin, Symphonic Quartet, Rock Cover Band and Bollywood Music - All in One Place!

Alfiia Mansurova was born in Kazan, Russia., and attended the Secondary Special School and College of the Kazan State Conservatory, where she graduated with honors in 2014.  She has performed as a soloist in the Tatar State Philharmonic from 2014 to 2017, participated in the international orchestra of Harbin Conservatory in China in 2017, and took master-classes with world-renowned violinists such as Miriam Fried, Krzysztof Wegrzyn, Maxim Fedotov, Irina Bochkova. Alfiia has extensive performing experience in USA, Russia, China, France, Turkey and India. In 2021 completed a two-year graduate certificate program in ICM at Park University, where she studied with Professor Ben Sayevich. Currently, she is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Music Performance with internationally renowned violinist Alexander Sitkovetsky. In 2021, she was selected as a participant of Pinchas Zukerman master classes and chamber concerts featured the Dallas Symphony musicians.

The Many Sounds of Alfiia Mansurova

Alfiia Showcase


Piazzolla Primavera Porteno

Back In Black Acoustic

Welcome To Our Highway to Laughter

Meet Our Comedians!

Dean Lewis

Dean Lewis has appeared on Last Comic Standing, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and he is the winner of the Wendy’s Clean Comedy Challenge. Dean has also won an Emmy for writing.

He has sold material to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and to Ron White. He has toured America, Europe and Russia teaching his workshops on communication and has over 25 years experience working in the corporate market.

He is a father of two boys and the best parallel parker you’ve ever met!

Click for Deans's YouTube Playlist!

Dave Jessup

Straight out of quarantine, David Jessup is ready to deliver the laughs along with some of his friends as we present to you COMEDY FROM THE DORKSIDE!!

David has performed on the Wendy Williams Show and was also the official warmup comic for The Flip side and BBQ Blitz. David is also an accomplished artist and some of his incredible works can be found on instagram @ChildrenofDave and Curiosities in Dallas as well as Gina Marie's Antiques in Shreveport.

Miles of Smiles Podcast is Everywhere!

A Division of The DCR Enterprises

© 2019 Miles of Smiles Entertainment


Beck H. Deb was fantastic! Wonderful experience for my party guests! Several told me how much they enjoyed the reading and time spent talking with her. Deb also went above and beyond to help me as my catering order was incomplete and she stopped by the restaurant on her way to my venue to pick up what was missing. So kind! Will definitely have her out again!

Professionalism: 5

Overall Talent: 5

Recommendation: 5

Overall satisfaction: 5

Joe F. Entertainment. Everyone loved him(Joshua Keegan) … highly recommend. Guest said best time they have had ever.

Lynsie B. Fantastic Team : Two wonderful readers did our Halloween party - Sunny + Scott. Very professional, kind, and from what I heard from the guest, accurate! I planning on booking the same two readers next year.

Karena S. Our best entertainers ever!

Lindsey V. Everyone loved it! : Our reader(Deborah) was a wonderful addition to the NYE party! There was such a line of people waiting for a reading that we ended up extending her time with us! Would definitely do this again.

Erin R. I signed up to be entertained. What I got was the REAL DEAL!

Stacey W. Deborah is a joy to work with and really listens and understands her clients needs. Her attention to detail and her accurate readings far surpassed my expectations.

Virginia R. Miles of Smiles was always quick to answer my questions! Very Professional! Would choose her again!!

Liz S. I have never had an experience where I felt so seen and understood. Deborah helped me get clarity on a difficult situation and made my party so much better.

Karen R. We have Deborah back every chance we have!

Darlene C.  Five Stars!

Becca R. "I have had the pleasure of receiving readings from Mrs. Deborah Rose on two different occasions. Ms. Rose has been communicative, reliable and extremely professional! I love her approach with clients as she thoroughly understands what her clients are willingly and eagerly seeking! "

Joy S We had a wonderful time! Eric was very personable and thorough. He took his time with his readings for each of us. He really helped to make our celebration special.

Shayne H. Awesome group of Talented Psychics!!!!

Clennie C. Insightful. A great experience was had by all. Highly recommend.

Linda P. Deborah was wonderful with our group. We had a wide age range and she related to everyone. The most common phrase was "You are spot on." She was fun and empathetic and completely entertaining.

Lori D. The best bang for your buck!

Steve T. I have been to many events featuring Miles of Smiles. A wide range of looks and great quality readers and entertainers for any event

Andrea H. Amazing! So talented!!! So impressed by her accuracy.🌞

Cody C. Deborah Rose is an amazing woman, and healer, I honestly don't know where I would be in life without her incredible help and empathy!

Annette B. Miles of Smiles is wonderful! They are not only entertaining but very professional. Highly recommend!

Clayton N. These folks are the real deal! Extremely insightful and compassionate! Very helpful intuitive readers with great wisdom!

Caitlin C. Wonderful team of professionals!

Jean B. So much fun! Everyone loved LuAnn’s readings!!

Judy B. Funny and wise, all in one package!

Lisa R.  I trust Deb implicitly for her honesty and professionalism.

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